The Luke 10:2 Prayer Challenge is a call for intercessors to pray daily that the Spirit of God will "compel" men and women in strategic cities across America to Plan, Organize and Mobilize a March for Jesus in their cities, towns and villages in May of 2021.

As He prepared the 72 disciples to go into the cities of Judea and proclaim the kingdom of God, Jesus challenged them in Luke 10:2 saying " The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, pray therefore the Lord of the harvest that he sends forth laborers into his harvest"

When Jesus challenged His disciples to pray that God would raise up workers for city harvest He used the word "Send". This is a rich word in the original language and it means more than simply "request or invite them to go". This word means "to compel, to thrust forth or even to cast out". In essence Jesus was saying to His disciples "Pray that the Spirit of God will create a compassion for others in the hearts of people that will force them to leave their complacency and get busy in the work of advancing the kingdom of God in the city harvest field" (see Matthew 9:35-37)

Accept the Challenge? Here Are 5 things you need to do.

  • Ask God to lay on your heart one or more cities that need a March for Jesus in 2021.
  • Set the alarm on your cell phone, watch or clock to 10:02 am or 10:02 pm daily.
  • When the alarm sounds take a moment to pray three particular prayer points that in these cities.

    - Laborers will be multiplied
    - Churches will be unified
    - Jesus Christ will be glorified

  • Once God answers the prayer for organizers, then use the 10:02 time to pray daily for those workers that God will provide them with wisdom, teamwork, favor, resources and fortitude to organize and conduct the March.
  • Commit to March for Jesus in your city and become a one-person invitation team to get as many believers as you can to celebrate Jesus Christ with you.