The March For Jesus Summit Meeting is a convening of "city reachers" from across the nation who long to see Jesus Christ exalted through prayer and praise in the midst of His people. These leaders will gather to be equipped for developing and implementing the March For Jesus strategy in their communities.


At the Summit participants will:
  • Receive instruction to utilize the "MFJ Organizers Tool Kit" which serves as a preparation manual for organizing a city-wide March For Jesus event.
  • Be challenged and encouraged through messages focused on interpreting the March For Jesus 2020 theme which is "Jesus Christ Is Lord" (Philippians 2:11)
  • Worship Christ by way of the March For Jesus 2020 praise music which has been selected for this nationwide event.
  • Hear the plans for the recommended spiritual preparation process (weeks prior to the March). This preparation will highlight THE SUPREMACY OF CHRIST and in so doing, stir them to authentic worship.
  • Engage in a conversation with song writer, Graham Kendrick of London, England by way of video conferencing. Kendrick is the author of the original MFJ music that has blessed the world for time and eternity.
  • Take part in a mini-Concert of Prayer celebrating Jesus Christ
  • Network with March For Jesus City organizer past and present.
  • Receive samples of the March For Jesus 2020 T-shirts, caps, flags and etc.

The MFJ Summit will be held in conjunction with The Table Coalition 2019 Annual Gathering which will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Billy Graham's Los Angeles Tent Revival. This annual meeting will be held after the Summit at the same hotel beginning the evening of September 25th. This event has a separate registration process. For more information please go to