Christ Today Podcast with David Bryant

March TOWARD Jesus—what does that mean?

Simple: As we prepare to go into the streets of our cities and communities on May 30th to proclaim Jesus as Lord of all, we need to be sure we have been going deeper in our own vision of Him as Lord of all.

That’s why during the months leading up to our March FOR Jesus, we want to set aside time for us to regularly march TOWARD Jesus—by how we grow closer to Him, experience more of Him and discover all that it means to exult in Him as supreme.

How do we do this?

Here’s the answer that everyone can get involved with!

We are excited to announce the brand-new CHRIST TODAY PODCAST with David Bryant, designed for any Christian who is hungry to explore more of who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today and how that can revitalize our daily walk with Him.

New 30-minute episodes are airing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each one is enhanced by a wealth of free online resources to help you go further with Christ during the week, if you want.

Every episode features David Bryant sharing with you personal, inspiring insights into Christ and life-changing applications for your walk with Christ, gleaned from his forty years of teaching about Christ throughout the Church worldwide.

You can use the CHRIST TODAY PODCAST in lots of ways:

  • make it your devotional resource to begin each day;
  • listen to it on your way to work;
  • enjoy an episode while washing dishes;
  • let it bless you at the end of your day.

In other words, each episode can fit into your lifestyle any way you want.

Learn more about what CHRIST TODAY offers you by listening to the 5 minute episode below.

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