How Other Cities Celebrate

If you are looking for ideas on how your community can conduct a March for Jesus PraiseWalk this year, take a look at what a few of our cities are doing to celebrate Jesus on May 30, 2020. Use our PraiseWalk Overview + Guide with your creativity and heartbeat of your community to make the PraiseWalk your own!

Get your community involved with our PraiseWalk Overview + Guide.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Virtual March)

Pittsburgh March for Jesus plans to present a Virtual March in which Christians are encouraged to participate from their homes. This virtual March will be televised by our local Pittsburgh Christian Television Station (CTVN) and aired on social media. The program will take place on Saturday, May 30, 2020 from 11 AM to 12 Noon EST. A worship team will minister song selections from the designated MFJ master list live on the CTVN set.

Declarations, proclamations and prayers will be offered by Pastors, leaders and individuals during the transmission. The broadcast will be interspersed with still photo clips of different people groups and families on their knees praying and praising God from their homes and in small groups. We hope to televise real time comments and praises from the participants. CTVN has a network of churches on a sister station called Faith and Family, we hope to employ these congregations along with our current contacts in the production and participation of this event. The program concludes asking all the participants to simultaneously get on their knees together with the studio audience and crew. At this synchronized moment with up lifted hands all will proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

For more information contact Stephanie Moder

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (Celebrate Jesus)

This event was created to unify the body of Christ, and lift high the name of Jesus. The event starts at 10:30am where we ask believers across all cultures and backgrounds in the Twin Cities to march through their neighborhoods, communities, and cities for Jesus. This march is a prophetic act of our love for Jesus and despite the current circumstances we will still march together. There will be live music streamed on the free app, Praise FM. We expect this day to be powerful and would love for you to take part in it!

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We encourage participants to purchase our “Celebrate Jesus” signs to spread the good name of Jesus. These signs are a colorful way to display our March For Jesus day of celebration with the National logo, Celebrate Jesus! in the four languages of English, Arabic, Spanish, Hmong (an Asian language). It includes so that viewers have access to learn about Jesus our Messiah. It is timeless so that it can be used year after year. To assure delivery in time to display on May 30. Church orders must be in by May 13, small group and individual orders must be by May 18. Order as few as 1 or in larger quantities; yard stakes are included. It is recommended to place in your yard or property on May 30 and display for 10 days.

For more information contact

Decatur, Illinois (Praise Driving)

Churches may do an alternative form of March for Jesus on May 30th, as state and local ordinances allow, by having a “praise-drive” or “car parade”. Organized by individual churches for neighborhoods they are located in or minister to already, cars are decorated with color, Scriptures, and encouraging messages–and depart at 10:00 am from their parking lots all over the city. Local radio stations may broadcast the MFJ music or people may play it through phones and car systems (no loud sound systems on vehicles, since we won’t have city parade permits). Song lyrics and prayerscripts will be available to churches for download and distribution. Prayer walkers may want to carry small sound devices to play the music, walking in small groups through the neighborhood and interacting with neighbors as appropriate. Groups should take videos, selfies, even drone footage of their groups to post to local and national MFJ sites. Blanket the whole city: north, south, east and west- with praise and proclamation at 10:00 AM on May 30th!

For more information contact Stephen Rigg 217-971-8326 or

Youngstown, Ohio (Virtual March)

Youngstown March for Jesus plans a Virtual March in which Christians from across our city from different cultures, backgrounds, and denominations Prayer/Praise Walk through their neighborhoods, communities, and city for Jesus 2 by 2. This virtual March will be shown via our local March for Jesus Facebook page as well as our local March for Jesus YouTube page. We will place a link on our local website for easy access to these two platforms by just one click.

As they participate with us, they will experience live praise and worship with a live band and singers. Also, we will have different ministers and leaders throughout our community leading in prayer and guiding us through the Praise Walk Guide as part of this one hour simulcast. Our Virtual March will begin at 11am and will conclude at 12 noon encouraging all the participants to simultaneously get on their knees together, lifting their hands and declaring Jesus Christ is Lord.

For more information contact Danielle Gutierrez at

Get your community involved with our PraiseWalk Overview + Guide.